CareerTech Horizon 2-1: “Challenges and Opportunities” in Agriculture

Empty shelves at a supermarket

Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? Have you thought about the processes and the people involved with getting it to your plate?

In our Season 2 premiere, CareerTech Horizon takes a dive into Oklahoma agriculture, the challenges the industry faces and the new opportunities for people to get involved in it.

  • State Agriculture Secretary Blayne Arthur gives us a look at the industry and how it fared during the pandemic.
  • John Patrick Lopez of Lopez Foods tells us about food processing. Some things changed with technology, but he still needs hard-working people, too.
  • OSU’s Cynda Clary takes us through the many jobs available in agriculture, many of which don’t involve farm work.
  • CareerTech’s Scott Nemecek explains how they are training the next generation of ag workers.
  • Nikki Snider of the Oklahoma Pork Council works to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.

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