CareerTech Horizon 1-7: “Feels Like Home”

While you were at home during the coronavirus lockdown, did you find yourself trying to learn new “home skills?”

With people turning to things like baking and sewing, some for the first time, Family and Consumer Science teachers have suddenly found their subject in high demand. In this episode, we sit down with Terri Hollarn, a longtime FCS educator and state administrator, on how an elective class is becoming essential learning.

We also highlight the shortage of FCS teachers across the country, and the hope that this crisis may encourage more people to become teachers.

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TRAILER — CTH 1-7: “Feels Like Home”

A freshly baked loaf of homemade bread

In the age of social distancing and “safer at home” orders, many people have had to brush-up on their home-making skills. These skills, often taken as electives in high school curriculum, have now become what many consider essential.

Next time on CareerTech Horizon, we sit down with a longtime Family and Consumer Sciences educator and reflect on these skills returning to prominence.

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