CareerTech Horizion 1-2: “It Takes A Community”

What is your greatest accomplishment? Did you do it alone, or did you get help from your friends, family, or people in your community?

In this episode of CareerTech Horizon, we take a deep dive into Adult Basic Education, and share the stories of Oklahomans who turned their lives around, thanks to the right people helping, supporting, and advocating for them.

  • A mother, stressed from working dead-end jobs, who decided to go back to school, just as her child started her first day of school.
  • An adult-learning organization in Ardmore, expanding their reach in a short time, thanks to their enthusiastic staff, and the cereal boxes that immortalize their success stories.
  • How education plays an integral role in state inmates’ re-entry into society.

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CTH PROLOGUE 1-2 Explaining “It Takes A Community”

To do something incredible, groundbreaking, or phenomenal, often times you’ll need more than just yourself.

Host and Producer Blane Singletary explains the theme for our upcoming episode on Adult Basic Education in Oklahoma, coming very soon to Apple, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google, and more. Subscribe today so you don’t miss it.

CareerTech Horizion 1-1 “Origin Stories”

What did you have to go through to get to where you are today?

In our first episode of CareerTech Horizon, we take a look at a few Oklahomans’ “origin stories,” including…

  • An HVAC instructor who overcame his own past failures in education, and how he now helps others do the same.
  • A “jack of all trades” who decides to become a cosmetologist, so he can get closer to his daughters.
  • An Air Force veteran who now teaches family and consumer sciences, and how a similar approach can be used from serving one’s country, to serving one’s students.

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