Episode 2 – “Helping Small Business Grow” with Carter Merkle

Have you started a small business? Do you know someone who has?

The challenges of starting out from scratch are well known, but what you may not know is that CareerTech has resources to help make growing a small business easier.

Carter Merkle of Oklahoma’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center sat down with us to talk about the ways in which OkPTAC connects small businesses in the state with government agencies.

You can view a video of our conversation with Carter Merkle here:

You can view videos of the business leaders we talked to at ICBSSHOW here:

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CareerTech Horizon 1-4: “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders”

What does it take to be a leader?

In today’s episode, host Blane Singletary dives into seven student organizations centered around technical education and the major benefits they provide to their members.

We’ll sit down with the leaders of those organizations, and find out how they see their roles within their teams evolve over time, and their reasons for becoming CareerTech students.

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TRAILER CTH 1-4: “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Next time on CareerTech Horizon, we sit down with the students at the helm of CareerTech’s Student Organizations.

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